What would we ever do without painkillers?

As humans, we take painkillers frequently because of the different forms of stressful activities we perform be it white collared or black collared jobs. The human body can only tolerate stress for so long. Our innate immune systems play their active roles by balancing the body’s metabolism. However, the body is a form of machine and since machines are prone to wear and tear when overused or mismanaged, then there’s a likelihood our bodies display signs of weakness and sometimes, illness.

Pain is both a result of tissue damage and also a symptom of disease either mechanical or nervous. It is a form of unpleasant feeling that creates a degree of discomfort to both man and animals and often distorts the normal functioning of the body parts affected.

Pain can be in four major forms;

  • NOCICEPTIVE: this is pain felt due to injury to organ/tissue or trauma. For example, headaches, migraines, arthritis, bone sprains, skin bumps (pimples), limb fracture, etc.
  • NEUROPATHIC: This is usually related to the Central & Peripheral Nervous System. It occurs when these systems are irritated. For example, cancer pain, phantom limb pain, peripheral neuropathy, etc.
  • FUNCTIONAL PAIN: This type of pain is indistinct in its location and hard to pinpoint. It usually deals with bowel movement and gastric emptying processes.
  • INFLAMMATORY: This has to do with pain associated with excessive or abnormal functions of the body’s immune system e.g. Insect bites, allergic reactions, etc.

Pain to an extent is unavoidable that is why scientists and laboratory researchers have extended their devices into the creation of drugs particularly called Analgesics which are worldwide recognized as “Painkillers”.


Well, Painkillers are biochemical drugs that are genetically modified to be ingested to produce relief from pain.


The main goal of pain killers is to alleviate or suppress pain. But these awesome inventions deserve more credit than they’re accorded as:

  • They play important role in first aid mechanism.
  • They are easily accessible and have different forms.
  • Their ability to vary in structure makes them easy to use.
  • They are usually fast-acting and long-lasting.
  • They aid in boosting immunity.
  • They are readily available at affordable prices although the nature of pain may subject some brands to a more expensive cost.
  • They are relatively made of safe constituents but side effects do occur due to the complexity of every human.

Painkillers are lifesavers and definitely, a must-have. They emit a sense of safety as they are usually first administered to manage pain.


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Here is a list of some of the analgesics we have ready for you:

  • Tramadol: This is used to treat pain which can be either mild or acute. Available at a price range of $1.00 to $100 depending on the purchase made. This painkiller is very strong.
  • Diazepam (Valium): This drug is used to treat seizures, anxiety attacks, and muscle spasms. Available at a price range of $1.00 to $100.
  • Xanax 2mg: This is an awesome painkiller when you are seeking to suppress anxiety and also depression. Available at a price range of $2 to $200.
  • Opana 20mg: This drug works efficiently for severe pain treatment as it is very strong. Available for purchase at a price range of $2 to $200.
  • MORPHIN (Model Organisms Projected on a Human Integrated Gene Network): This also works for both mild and severe pain. It is however advisable to be dosage wise due to its addictive nature. Available at a price range of $2 to $200.
  • Tylenol also known as Acetaminophen: When experiencing pain such as headaches, menstrual pain, toothaches, joint aches, bone aches, etc. this drug is best suited in that area. Available at a price range of $2 to $200.
  • Viagra (Sildenafil): This drug is impeccable as it helps to normalize blood flow thereby stimulating erectile mechanisms in males. Available at a price range of $2 to $200.
  • Roxy-A215: In terms of chronic/Long term pain, this medication performs effectively. Available at a price range of $2.5 to $230.
  • There are many more offers which include: Adderalls 30mg, Ambien 10mg, Codeine cough syrup, Dilaudid, Dizy, Fentanyl, Hydrocodone, Ibuprofen, Methadone, Nitrapam, Nitravate 10mg, Oxycontin, and others.


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